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Tiger Fishing at Chawalo Safari

Have you ever dreamed of fishing the mighty Zambezi River for world class tiger fish? In your mind have you seen your fly or lure touch the water and sink slowly? After a breath you start to take up the slack and suddenly you feel the tiger strike as you set the hook.

If you are looking for the fight of your life with tigers or the numerous other fish species in the Zambezi River then Chawalo Safari Lodge, is the destination for you. That is if you want to fish where 10lb tiger are the norm and 18lb + tigers are not uncommon. Our camp record is 23.15 pounds taken in August 2010.

Why is Chawalo Safaris a preferred destination? We utilize prime fishing waters that run from the confluence of the Luangwa and Zambezi Rivers on the Zambian border; through the headwaters of Lake Cahorra Bassa and into the lake, offering both fast and calm water fishing. The numerous islands form exciting channels where monster tiger hunt for bait fish, coming off the floodplains and out the lagoons.

At Chawalo Safaris, we employ the best guides and equipment to ensure that you have every opportunity to realize your expectations, whether you are a fly- or a conventional fisherman. We can accommodate 12 fly fisherman or 18 conventional fishermen per week.

Chawalo Safaris offers fishing packages from May – November. Big tigers can strike at any time! After a full days fishing and watching elephants bathing and drinking; hippo’s frolicking and crocodiles basking in the sun, you will welcome the comforts of Chawalo Lodge where you will receive exceptional lodging and cuisine. At night as you set around the fire with an adult beverage discussing the events of the day with friends, you could hear lions roaring and hyena’s laughing in the distance. Stretching out in bed, you will only dream of what tomorrow will bring in the hopes the big one will not get away!